DEWEnet » S-CAN - single CAN modules » S-CAN - RTD6w
  • 6 isolated temperature (RTD) or resistance inputs
  • Highest precision with DC excitation
  • Universal RTD inputs (PT100 .. PT 2000) or resistance up to 20 kΩ
  • 1000 S/sec simultaneous sampling rate
Channels 6 universal RTD or resistance inputs
ADC Type 24bit delta-sigma
System Sample rate 1000 S/sec, simultaneous
Thermistor types PT100, PT200, PT500, PT1000, PT2000 (385)
Measurement Range -200°C to +850°C
Accuracy ±0.15°C ±0.05% of reading
Temperature drift 0.01°C/K (DC Excitation), 0.005°C/K (AC Excitation)
Excitation 500µA for PT100 and PT200, 100µA for PT500, PT1000 and PT2000
Input connection 2 wire or 4 wire
Measurement Range 2kΩ or 20kΩ
Accuracy ±0.02% of reading ±0.01% of range
Input connection 2 wire or 4 wire
Isolation Voltage ±500 V channel/ground & channel/channel
Bandwidth 200 Hz
Power Consumption 0.8 Watt
Input Connector Lemo 1B, 7 pin
Weight 570 g
Operating temperature -40°C .. +85°C