DEWEnet » Applications » Proving Ground Monitoring
  • Live map of vehicle position and speed
    Additionally vehicle diagnostic bus monitoring including DTC auditor
    Additionally monitoring of sensor signal using CANLOG-8
  • Alert monitoring
  • Increase the quality, traceability and evidence of durability testing
  • Automatic report generation (eg. pdf)
  • Automatic GPS signal correction using track lockup table


Customers of proving operators want to get reproducable results. So the validation of test runs get more and more important. It’s state of the art, to know the exact position and all acquired parameters of the tested vehicles at any time.



The ODOS MicroLog with built-in GPS and acceleration sensor, is connected to the vehicle via OBDII interface. Also data from DEWEnet CANLOG are transferred to the ODOS cloud. The online dashboard offers a quick overview of measured signals.

Prepared reports are automatically generated and stored in pdf file format. For extensive analysis, data export filters are supported: eg. MATLAB®, ASAM-MDFx, cvs, …