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The first target was to measure, store and analyze the INVEHICLE already available data. All the new vehicles have the built in OBDII connector where standard data for vehicle speed, engine RPM and many other vehicle data are available on the CAN BUS. The ODOS-DONGLE acquires all this data and decode that standard values, but with the additional CAR  dbc – file all the data in the car can be stored and analyzed later. Additionally the error messages can be analyzed and errors even reset remotely. The built in GPS receiver stores the position at any time as well.

The ODOS-DONGLE sends the data direct to the cloud with the built in WORLDWIDE DATA SIM CARD. This ODOS-DONGLE includes additionally a small data buffer, a battery and acceleration sensor. For vehicle applications it is guaranteed that data are transferred and stored only, as long as the vehicle is moving.


The functionality of the 2 CAN ports is free programmable. For example Port 1 is used for OBDII and Port 2 is used for connecting additional data acquisition systems to measure additional signals.DEWEnet offers a complete range of CAN bus data acquisition solutions as well as CAN bus sensors!

Modem 4G default, 2G or 3G on request
CAN input 1 CAN-HS 2.0B default; 2nd CAN port is optional
Battery 450 mAh
GPS Sirf Atlas V (assisted GPS enabled)
Sensitivity : -161dBm, 64 channels
Bluetooth 2.1 & 4.0 LE* (4G version only)
WIFI Client and hotspot (4G version only)
Data Buffer Onboard 42 MB
3D Accelerometer Full scale output range: ±2g; ±4g; ±8g; ±16g
12 bits - low temperature drift – good linearity
Operating Temperature -30°C .. +65°C
Current Consumption Sleep 2 mA/Hibernate=700 μA
During sleep Internal battery is used.
Device runs 8 days on battery in idle mode.
Supply Voltage 8 .. 32 V
Dimensions (mm) 27 x 48 x 49.5 without connector
60.5 x 26.5 x 49.5 with connector
OBD2 Complete channel list for Mode 0x1. Support Mode 0x1,0x3,0x6,0x9
CAN monitor Support import of CAN data base files. With or without syntax check.
UDS ISO 14229 Diagnostics supporting service 19,22,14. Description files GDX,ODX.
CAN Traffic Possibility to store complete CAN bus with pre and post trigger buffer.
K-line Request data from older generation vehicles.
J1939 Support import of J1939 CANdb files