DEWEnet » Applications » Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning Testing (HVAC)
  • Compact high channel count systems (CANLOG-8)
  • Distributed Single CAN module (S-CAN-xxx)
  • Direct interface to INCA®, CANape®, DEWESoft®
  • Optional logging to USB stick on CANLOG-8.


Any sensor connection including sensor supply

  • Any temperature sensor (thermocouple with TH8-UNI or PT100 with RTD6)
  • Any counter sensor (CNT4)
  • Any voltage or current output sensor (LV4)

Testing of the HVAC system on a vehicle requires more than 200 measurement points distributed over the complete vehicle. Compact high channel count boxes combined with small single modules are the perfect solution for performing this tests.
Beside thermocouple inputs also inputs like counter for flow rate sensors, voltage and current for pressure sensors are needed. Native CAN output for direct connection to 3rd party software packages like INCA® or CANape® is needed.



Multiple CANLOG-8 systems are connected together with S-CAN-xxx modules over a single cable including power, data and synchronization. All used sensors are supplied directly from the CANLOG system.