DEWEnet » Applications » Fleet Management Monitoring
  • Full screen map view showing current GPS location of all vehicles
  • Different user levels for data view only and system configuration


From the map view, the user is able to monitor:

  • State of charge (%)
  • Current remaining range (km)
  • Current vehicle speed (kph)
  • Current power mode status (0,4,6,7)
  • Current seatbelt status
  • Current charging status


Fleet management is much more than just tracking the vehicle position or analyzing the driver behavior by the speed profile. Getting all relevant information from those in vehicle built-in-sensors is the key for efficient testing by minimizing the effort of additional instrumentation.

The aim of this application is to analyze the maximum range of electric vehicles under different traffic situations and vehicle drivers. The ODOS MicroLog is able to read all EV relevant parameters through the diagnostic bus and send them together with the GPS information to the database.



Connect the MicroLog to the vehicle OBDII connector. The ODOS dashboard shows all vehicles on the map with the battery fuel status. Additional information is visible by mouse click.