DEWEnet » Applications » AC & DC Power Analysis of Electric Vehicles
  • Combination of high-speed (1MS) and low speed sampling (1kS)
  • High-precise AC & DC power analysis for any kind of drivetrain
  • Motor & inverter evaluation


The EV-POWER sensors in combination with the any Power Analyser, are the perfect tool for comprehensive testing on electric vehicles. The EV-POWER sensor can be used for measurement of all DC loads (Battery, PTC, A/C, etc.) and the DS Power Analyser for measurement at the motor / inverter. The DS Power Analyser allows precise Motor Evaluation (Efficiency, Losses, Unbalance, Efficiency Mapping,…), Inverter Evaluation (DQ Transformation, Power Quality) and other features like Raw Data Storing, Transient recording.  Additionally any kind of other signals can be measured, like mechanical data, GPS, CAN , video. The flexibile hardware approach allows analysis for any kind of drivetrain (1-12 phase AC motors, hybrid, hydrogen vehicles).


Power Analysis

P, Q, S, PF, co phi, ... more than 100 calculated chs.

Raw data storing

Scope and Vector scope

Power Quality

FFT, Harmonics, Interharm., THD, unbalance ...

Motor Evaluation

AC Power / Motor Losses / Power Quality Analysis


Real time Clarke and Park transformation

Combustion analysis

Testbed and in-vehicle measurement


2D and 3D FFT analysis

Efficiency Mapping

DQ Transformation