DEWEnet GmbH is a worldwide acting holding company in the test and measurement field. The 30 years experience in founding companies and building sales and support networks all over the world, shows success stories not only in the “DEWE – World”. More than 40 companies are based on the know how. Besides DEWETRON, DEWESoft, DEWEnet Instruments, many other companies used the support from DEWEnet GmbH.


DEWEnet Franz Degen CEO

1989: Franz Degen founded DEWETRON GmbH Austria, together with Herbert Wernigg, and brought the PC instrument to the market where the personal computer and the data acquisition hardware where combined in one box. DEWETRON GmbH is still selling this technology with improvements today.

2000: Franz Degen founded DEWESoft d.o.o. together with Dr. Jure Knez, Andrej Orozen and Herbert Wernigg. The focus was first the Instrument Software, than in 2010 followed by dedicated hardware on USB interface and later on Ethercat.

2018: Franz Degen follows the “INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY trend” and offers the ODOS cloud based data acquisition. The precision CAN bus hardware is designed and manufactured at the partner company TVE Vienna Austria. The TVE precision hardware and the ODOS software is the base for the “NEXT GENERATION MEASUREMENT SOLUTION”

2019: DEWEnet GMBH sold the DEWEnet Instruments GMBH to DEWESoft d.o.o.



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