DEWEnet Franz Degen CEO

1989: Franz Degen founded DEWETRON GmbH Austria, together with Herbert Wernigg, and brought the PC instrument to the market where the personal computer and the data acquisition hardware where combined in one box. DEWETRON GmbH is still selling this technology with improvements today.

2000: Franz Degen founded DEWESoft d.o.o. together with Dr. Jure Knez, Andrej Orozen and Herbert Wernigg. The focus was first the Instrument Software, than in 2010 followed by dedicated hardware on USB interface and later on Ethercat.

2018: Franz Degen follows the “INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY trend” and offers the ODOS cloud based data acquisition. The precision CAN bus hardware is designed and manufactured at the partner company TVE Vienna Austria. The TVE precision hardware and the ODOS software is the base for the “NEXT GENERATION MEASUREMENT SOLUTION”

Franz Degen built up a worldwide sales and support team all over the world for test and measurement solutions the past 30 years. It is very easy for this worldwide test and measurement team, to learn how to use the latest IT technology, and bring this knowledge to the existing R&D customer. We know from our customers the additional requirements for the CAN bus market, which we have implemented in our new measurement hardware and the CAN sensors.
Joachim Englund, CEO of ODOSOLUTIONS / Sweden, with the same test and measurement background, developed the cloud based data acquisition analysis and presentation software, and sold this successful already to key customers in England and Sweden.
TVE elektronische Systeme GmbH in Vienna Austria is the base for most of the precision hardware designed and manufactured for DEWETRON, DEWESoft® and more.
The CO-OPERATION of ODOSOLUTIONS software, TVE hardware, and the worldwide sales network from Franz Degen, is the base for the new DEWEnet company in Austria. DEWEnet holds the exclusive worldwide sales rights for all TVE products, and the exclusive rights for the ODOS solution in ASIA. In Europe and the Americas ODOS cooperates with DEWEnet GmbH.


ODOS Joachim Englund CEO

"Access your data at any time, at any place on the globe"

We learned from the telecommunication market, that we get all information at any time at any place on the globe! So why not expecting this in the test and measurement world as well?
DEWEnet offers data acquisition solutions all over the globe with the access to the measured data at any time, at any place.
We deliver the measuring hardware with the WORLDWIDE SIMCARD INCLUDED! With an incredible price! Please just ask us for the system quotation!
With our great experience in the automotive R&D market, our first customers are in this area as well. However we get great requests from similar applications, especially in remote area with difficult access like wind mills, cranes, civil engineering applications just as the start.


TVE - Erwin Rode & Herbert Piribauer

"CAN data acquisition based TVE experience"

The hardware is based on the more than 30 years experience of “TVE elektronische Systeme GMBH in Vienna Austria, in developent, producton, testing and calibration of “precision signal conditioners” for many instruments customers.
The analogue galvanic isolation of all amplifiers for many well known customers in the R&D market, are all based on the design and manufacturing of the TVE planar transformer. More than 100,000 TVE planar transformers are in use from key R&D centers worldwide, sold from the few precision signal conditioning companies.The latest high speed transformer has unique specifications on the globe:  Dynamic up to 90 dB  Bandwidth 2 MHz.

Easy onsite FW upgrading


We continue to improve our instruments performance. The user may choose onsite to use new features with easy onsite firmware updating just via USB.

Fastest on-time production

Fast on-time production

The perfect pick and place machine can be prepared for most PCB`s in less than 1 day. This makes sure that the whole instruments production flow is guaranteed in shortest possible time.

Continuous software testing

TVE software testing

Each programmer has the task to test the code generated by his colleague. Additionally the full functional test is done by the application engineer.

Best stock with all components

On- time delivery is very important in this new “fast time to market”
TVE GmbH has far above 5 Million components on stock, to make sure that we are prepared for the fastest delivery. Because some components may have a delivery time of more than 40 weeks, this stock management is very important for the customer satisfaction!

Latest technology used

Our programmers are speaking many programming languages, assembler to talk direct to the hardware, advanced experienced FPGA programming and several application programming languages.

Experienced manufacturing team

Vienna is well known as one of the European electronics R&D and manufacturing centers. TVE GmbH used the chance to hire this well experienced engineers already the last 30 years.