DEWEnet » Applications » Channel Expansion
  • Simple CAN based channel expansion
  • High precision and low power consumption


Any sensor connection including Sensor supply

  • Any temperature sensor (thermocouple with TH8-UNI or Pt100 with RTD6)
  • Any counter sensor (CNT4)
  • Any voltage or current output sensor (LV4)
  • Strain gage based sensors (STG4-S)

Many applications like Power- or Road load data measurement require also to measure in parallel environmental data like ambient temperature or the temperature of the DUT (device under test). Other applications needs lower speed and lower cost distributed channel expansions.

The low power consumption and high precision S-CAN modules are the ideally suited. Simple connect them to one free CAN port of your main DAQ system.



Multiple S-CAN modules are used to expand the channel count of the main DAQ system.

Easy measurement setup