DEWEnet » Software » CAN driver for LabVIEW

User Interfaces

Manipulate front panels programmatically
Configure and manage VIs to execute outside the editor
Use new controls

Custom Algorithm Design

Design custom machine vision algorithms

Distributed Applications

Build and distribute EXEs, libraries, and installers


Integrate LabVIEW NXG code with TestStand
Call external DLLs

Data Management

Publish tags and messages using simplified data
communication VIs

Software Engineering

Execute and control VIs dynamically
Abstract code with object-oriented programming
Compare VI source code with Diff Tool
Use more event-driven programming options

Systems Management

Connect, confi gure, and document hardware
graphically with SystemDesigner
Design hardware systems offline from a catalog of NI hardware

Web Technology

Create simple browser-based HMIs using Web VIs
for system confi guration and operator interfaces
Use Data Service APIs for Device to HMI

Hardware Support

Control additional benchtop instruments
Use additional electronic test and RF instrumentation
Integrate machine vision hardware